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Koh Chang Beaches

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The beaches of Koh Chang

Koh chang has some great beaches.....

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Koh Chang Beaches

Koh Chang Beach

A stretch of long white sandy beach lined with coconut trees is a common and beautiful sight on Koh Chang the largest and busiest island in Trat province, and the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket.

A majority of the scenic Koh Chang beaches and bays are on the west side moving from the north to the south which include Khlong Son Bay, Sai Khao Beach, Khlong Phrao Beach and Kai Bae Beach.

A main road cuts through the western shore almost reaching Hat Kai Bae where there is a nature trail passing through Bai Lan Bay and Kruat Bay and wondering through wet forestland to Ban Bang Bao, a fishing village at the foot of the hill in the south.

To the east are Sapparot Bay, where a ferry port is situated and Salak Khok Bay. In addition, along the eastern shoreline is a road cutting through to Salak Phet Bay, a village with a boat pier to the south of the island. Coral areas worth a visit are at Khlong Son Bay near Koh Chang Noi and around the islands south of Koh Chang.

White Sand Beach (Hat Sai Khao )

One of the longest beaches on Koh Chang, this beach provides the most beautiful shore line. The beach, which is 2 kilometers long, is lined with reasonably priced bungalows and resorts. Surrounding the area behind the beach are orchards of coconut trees and forests.

Khlong Phrao Beach and Laem Chat Chet

Laem Chai Chet is along the sea adjacent to Kai Bae Beach, which is rather steep but offers possibilities for swimming. Standard bungalows with facilities are available. The northernmost area of Klong Phrao Beach is adjacent to Chai Chet Bay and Beach where visitors can take in the beautiful landscape while enjoying the superb relaxation and tranquil retreat.

Khlong Son Bay

Lined with an abundace of coral, the bay is situated on the western coast of Koh Chang where Klong Son village is situated.

Kai Bae Beach

This beach is close to Khlong Phrao Beach and is similar to Khlong Phrao beach. A safe beach for swimming with quite a few reasonably priced bungalows and resorts in the area.

Bai Lan Bay

This small bay has a long sandy beach where holiday makers can enjoy the magnificnet view in piece and tranqulitiy. The beach is situated close to Kai Bae beach.

Khlong Kloi Bay

This shady beach with coconut trees is located next to Bang Bao Village is a perfect place for relaxation and some quiet time.


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